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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Miami is among the top vacation destination in South Florida and it is rich in history, sports, culture, great weather, and entertainment. The highlight of the city is downtown Miami which is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay. It is a modern treasure filled with cultural trove and many iconic landmarks to visit and vibrant vibes which you will enjoy. Some of the top places to visit in Miami are listed below.

ocean drive south beach miami beach
Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive at Miami Beach

Ocean drive is a famous tourist destination in Miami either in the day or night and it is a perfect place to go if you want to see a magnificent skyline and the vibrant scenes that Miami has to offer. Ocean drive runs along the Oceanfront of Miami Beach with iconic sands of south beach. The highlight of Ocean drive is the fascinating and notable structures that you will love. You should also make sure that you visit the magnificent pastel-colored art buildings. Ocean Drive is popular for its Art Deco hotels and restaurants and they have been featured in varieties of movies and media.

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bayside marketplace in downtown miami. restaurants, shops, mall, boat day city tours.
Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace

This is a huge outdoor-style mall that homes over 150 specialty and tourist shops, daily live entertainment, varieties of cafes and restaurants. You are going to find some popular chain stores here and also unique places. The marketplace is both a local and tourist hotspot. You are going to find mall along Miami’s waterfront and it looks out over the docks and boats. The best thing to do is to just soak up the atmosphere of the marketplace, it is also the perfect place to go people-watching activity. You are also going to find a water taxi service to Miami Beach and downtown hotels nearby.

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wynwood art district in mimai. graffiti wall art area close to downtown miami

Wynwood Art District

This warehouse district of Wynwood was a former drab exterior warehouse wall and it has now be transformed into colorful pieces of art. The walls of the street are plastered with magnificent street art which brought life to the area. The district attracts big names in street art from all over the world and North America. The district homes to over 80,000 square feet of wall space which is filled with paintings of unique art forms.

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little havana cuban culture district area in miami florida
Little Havana

Little Havana

This is a Cuban district of Miami and it has a plethora of tourist attractions with distinctive cultural scenes that you will love. You are going to find specialty food shops and restaurants that line up the street while you enjoy Latin music blaring through the air. Most of the locals socialize in open spaces and the walls of buildings are designed with Murals that shows the important Cuban figures and also the scenes of daily life. The main highlight of the district is Calle Ocho which is the main thoroughfare which runs through the district and it is the center of attraction in the district. It is the perfect place to go for a people-watching activity and lots of live entertainment to enjoy and also eat Cuban cuisine. If you are lucky to be here in March, you can experience Calle Ocho Festival which is the celebration of Cuban culture and the largest of its kind in the world. Little Havana is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy Latin American cuisine and try out Caribbean cuisine.

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Airboat Tour in Everglades Park

Go on a boat tour at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is located just a short drive from Miami and it covers about 1.5 million acres of swamp lands and it is filled with crocodiles, alligators, snakes, and varieties of birds. There are a plethora of walking trails and boardwalks which is suitable for wildlife viewing. The best way to explore the park is to go on a high-speed boat tour of the park and you will surely be entertained on this trip, it is also the best way to spot alligators.

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