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Night Clubs in Miami

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When you are in Miami, night life becomes an essential part of your vacation. Even the sleepiest and the laziest of people come out at night like vampires and dance until sunrise. You would miss out a lot if you decided not to be a part of it. So, we decided to list a few suggestions as a quick guide for Miami’s Night Life.


Remember the treehouses you used to spend days and nights in your childhood? Treehouse Miami takes you back to your childhood with its treehouse-themed venue. The bar located in the South Beach was ranked the best dance club by New York Times in 2018. The venue hosts special techno music events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while also offering indoor and outdoor areas making it a popular spot in every season.


Some call it a strip club, some call it a cabaret. For all we know, this palace-like-building has an intense party schedule all day every day. The biggest highlight of the venue is female dancers who do strip (in case you were wondering); however, the performances are far from your regular strip dance. The dancers are well-trained in ballet, athletics and aerobics, so you will witness their unique choreography routines. Besides the dance shows, the place also offers a two-tier dance floor and a massive stage for DJ-events. There are even champagne tasting rooms for those wanting to take a sip or two in between. Expect talented artists and DJs like Drake, Marshmello and Diplo to make appearances since they are regular visitors.


We are not sure what LIV stands for, but we predict that it’s short for “living the life”, because the place is the raw definition of it. The commercial night club has been featured visually or verbally in many video clips including the ones from Kanye West and Chainsmokers. The club is a combination of everything you would see in those clips: naked dancers, cash-loaded people, loud music and a dance floor so packed you can barely move around. Nevertheless, everyone who visits Miami has to experience this atmosphere at least once, especially if you are into hip-hop music since successful figures of hip-hop such as Lil Wayne regularly perform here.


The name pretty much explains it all, doesn’t it? This is one of the more alternative and quirkier night clubs of Miami. The place is owned by DJ Behrouz and his wife who moved to Miami’s SoBe from San Francisco. Their biggest inspiration was the Burning Man of Nevada’s Black Rock City, so this is far from a commercial night club. The activities range from light yoga and meditation in the backyard to non-stop dance marathons that go on for hours. Whatever you choose, there is only one rule you need to obey: Don’t sit on the furniture!


What can you expect from a night club that goes with the motto “Weird is the new Normal”. Basement Miami was established by a group of successful businessmen that had their signature in various other night clubs in NYC and Miami. Calling it a night club would simply be an understatement, since the venue consists of bowling areas and an ice rink. Yes, you heard it: An ice rink! Even Drake was so impressed by the concept of the place that he rented out the whole place to organize a skating-party with Rihanna. If you are into figure skating, visit this adult playground and show off with your skills or simply go with the flow (or should we say, go with the ice?).

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