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McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary has treated hundreds of native animals that were sick or injured. Everything from foxes to bobcats, Sandhill Cranes to pelicans, hawks, owls, and many others have received veterinarian care by our staff and then were released back into the wild.

Experiences &


  • Guided Tours

This is a very exciting and thrilling adventure and you probably won’t be able to get this close to these amazing animals at any zoo or safari ride.

Enjoy the coolest collection of snakes around in our new and improved reptile room. From creepy crawlie tarantulas to a 12 foot albino python. Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, rhino vipers, jumping vipers, albino cobras and so much more. Other reptiles you will see include gila monsters, bearded lizards, rhino iguanas, and leopard geckos.


12943 61st St N, West Palm Beach, FL 33412


(561) 790-2116


 Guided tours of the sanctuary are available by appointment only:


  • 11:00 AM

  • 12:00 PM

  • 1:00 PM

Closed : Sunday and Monday 

admission fee:

-Adult: $35

-Child: $25

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